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Practice Plan

Monthly subscription to your Private Dental Care for as little as £10 per month!

Private dental health care doesn't have to be expensive.

Private dental health care can be more beneficial for you.

Don't want to rely on the NHS dental service?

We have monthly practice plan and this will cover 2 check ups and 2 scale and polishes every year.  You will also get a 20% discount on our private treatments including implants.

At your first initial assessment check up, you will be charged a normal private check up fee of £40.  If you do go ahead with our plan then this will be credited to your practice plan account.

We believe that patients who have taken care of their teeth should benefit greatly and our plan reflects this.  You will be assessed into 3 categories:

Green - You have very low risk of decay and gum disease.  You are eating well

and cleaning your teeth immaculately!

£10 per month

Amber - You have small risk of decay and/or gum disease, or had a lot of

dental work done that may need replacement in the future.

£20 per month

Red - You have a high risk of decay and/or gum disease.  You will require to

change your dietary habits and cleaning techniques to lower your risk of dental disease.

£25 per month

Remember once you have had treatment, at your following check up, if you have followed all our instructions and maintained, you may be upgraded to lower risk category!

Not covered by any of these plans? Contact us and we will find the best solution to suit you.  

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