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6 Things you need to know about Botox

There’s definitely no denying, the B word has definitely been a hot subject, not just in the media but its now become a social norm.  We want to look younger, more beautiful than ever before and here are few things to know before considering Botox:

1. Age doesn't really matter


So what is the ideal age for botox? ‘There is no recommended age’, Dr Harrington says, ‘The recommended age differs because everyone’s muscles present differently. If someone at the age of 21 has visible dynamic lines that are causing a problem, then I will treat that person, however, if another 21-year-old comes in without any visible lines – I would decline to treat them.’

Most experts agree that Botox can also be a preventative measure for some younger clients, ‘It preserves the skin and stops lines developing,’ explains Dr Harrington. ‘Botox softens and temporarily freezes the muscles, which means the treated area will stay flat. If you can’t physically frown, then over time, the line will smooth out.’

2. The dosage will vary person to person

3. No exercise after treatment!

Aftercare is just as important as the treatment itself. ‘The solution takes 20 minutes to settle in your muscles, so I advise all my patients to stay upright for the, Dr Harrington mentions,  No strenuous exercise and carefully washing your face when I get home (not scrubbing or rubbing too hard) is essential for the best results.

4. A little bruising is common

Depending on your skin sensitivity, little bruising is common after treatment.  Don't plan any important meetings after your treatment and if you have any discomfort a couple of paracetamol should do the trick.

5. It takes 3-5 days to see a difference


Another myth I’m told about botox is that the results are immediate. They’re not.

‘You’ll start to see an effect after 3-5 days’, mentions cosmetic Dr Harrington, ‘however it may take two weeks for maximum results to kick in’.  For most, treatment takes effect after day three.

6. Go for natural, not the fake look

A lot of people associate botox and dermal fillers with fake plastic look like some women have on social media.  'I don't offer unnatural treatment, fish lips and fake looks, that's not what facial aesthetics is all about'  Dr Harrington told us.  'We want to preserve our youth and look fresh and natural and most ethical clinicians provide this.  Remember, cheapest isn't always the best, you don't expect the same design and performance between a Ferrari and a Skoda, so shouldn't expect the same result from a fully qualified facial aesthetic doctor and a beautician.

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